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Food photography – NOTE8

Well well apart from my daily cringe about giving up on unhealthy food i also enjoy eating some….. Though occasionally and mind you i am one who waits to click the picture of the food item before it ends up in my stomach

My mantra click at it before bon apatite

Haha and surely that has ruined my several meals before, from melting the ice cream on my brownie sizzelers to making my waffles soggy enough to hate it later…. i have had it all just to take that perfect picture, not to upload anywhere but to save it and savour the memories later…. yes i am that person

Recently i had this crazy habit of carrying my dslr anywhere i went out to eat and that used to ruin the moment so i stopped it and continued struggling with my one plus camera which works just average in indoor lighting i was dissatisfied i needed a change …Now I hve got a new phone samsung note 8 whose food photography mode gives me the stunning and vivid images which unlike the iPhone looks same as the output viewed on different device screens

Here are some photos i clicked in that mode my first ever hands on this mode and i just loved it…. Totally

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