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Steelwool wrapped in adventure

Well after a week long planning and scheduling we finally made it possible to pull this stunt, well not a stunt to be precise but it deserves every credit when it comes to being an adventure, coming back to the mains, after all the discussions we came to a finalised spot for steel wool, it was decided that it’ll be done on a beach near cida de goa, well beach being an ideal location as the watery helps in getting nice reflections and this particular being isolated and tranquil helped us a lot.

Here one can find nice shoreline with corals and rocky structures ideal for steel wool as it bounces off it brilliantly.

So we had like 2 dslr setup on individual tripods of course and two go pros, one hero 4 and the other, the very new hero 6 (damn this cam) and the dslrs 1200d and 700d i guess both canon of course duhh…

So the plan was to wind this up as quickly, as it was high tide time and the air was full of moisture that would mean the steelwool would be wet and that happened indeed. It took us took alot of time in lighting this stuff, the steelwool but then we could get some shots, some failed trails but the onez we could capture were stunning and really worth our time.

Now while this all was going we forgot that it was a high tide time and water was gradually rising, the shore line had drastically reduced and then suddenly a huge wave hit that almost swept our gopro… geese that would have been a disaster, that guy managed to grab it at the very end and saved the night.

Here are some of the shots we could manage

The last image was taken on a new spot when we decided to switch the location as the previous almost cost us a lot…. So by all thks while it was already late night so we had to wind uo with something, then we decided to click this picture we used a fairy light wrapped around a bar and rotated it in the back of this subject result was pretty good

Some tips

1-Do not keep your steelwool in moist air it gets very difficult to light it up

2-If possible use some gasoline to burn or start the initial spark

3-make sure you are aware of you environment and climate

4- darker the background better is the result well it actually depends on your composition

Let me know in the comments how you felt about this adventures shoot

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