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Mystique woods

Photography in the woods

So i got up a bit early had to finish some work, so realised my parents have already left for their morning walk. It was 6:30 am i came in my study room opened up the window and voila a thick fof had caught uo my entire surroundings, fyi i have a woods in my neighbourhood and it is always fun to explore it when it gets mysterious as in like now, woods and fog ask me that’s a deadly combination…

The thing i lacked was my prime subject but i knew there would be some passerby who comes for their morning walk…

So without any further delay i took my

Mobile tripod and of course my mobile with me and headed out(no canon this time) …

The fog was settling down but i did manage to get some really good clicks in a short span

Here are some of those

Clicked on

Samsung note 8

Edited in snapseed


It was challenging and fun at the same time as i had a limited time to figure out my frame and location and a hope that I will be able to some random subject in my frame and this is the result.

Let me know what you think about it…

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