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Levitate it easily

Well i wanted to try this style where you make the object look like levitating and as i was the only one to perform this. i had to manage all by myself including the subject (me) camera setup and the prop of course.

Now the trick here i used is i used a coffee mug and tied it to a thin string easily visible to naked eyes as it has to be strong enough to hold the weight.

Now the next problem was to put the camera on a timer mode and get back behind the mug and pose for the shot.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds the main hurdle was the rotating mug even after putting some weight in it, it wouldn’t stop spinning and then i had to come with this trick to hold it tightly at the very end of the timer and release the mug to make it stable for those couple of seconds… And it worked

So next step is to edit the string out, which if done consciously and accurately works as a charm usually i use lightroom but i was in a hurry to get the outcome so i transferred the pictures on my phone and used it to edit,

I used snapseed app it has a healing function which came out to be really handy

Here is the outcome

( camera used – canon 1200d

50mm prime lens

F 1.8

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