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Dark portraits 

As the story goes you’ll get to know what is this dark fuss about, well dark here surely means an absence of ample light which was the reason of the title, after a while took out my camera and though of playing with,

Well i have a canon 1200d a basic entry level dslr which works as a charm with the 50mm prime lens. i had this long wish of creating my very own diy softbox for my portraits but as i am really bad at producing the fine portraits somewhere at the back of my mind i had kept it at the least number, of my priority list. But today was the day…. took a cardboard box and had a piercing in it attached a couple layer of butter paper and made an incision to allow and fit in my camera’s built in flash…. It wasn’t that effective but produced some soft images.

Then i tried using it in dark room to produce some dark portrait effects whcih turned out to be good. Then after a couple of shots i was into it withthe help of my cousin who’s a good theater artist thus i could get some stunning effect and facial expressions

So initially the fear of working with faces has vanished and here are some of my portrait work done and published hope you like it

Done with the help of phone screen light to get the perfect lighting condition

Glare at me and stare at you will put me on a right track

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