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Tawang beyond horror

After the khardungla pass (17600 ft) The sela pass to reach tawang would have been a cakewalk But to our horror ,this pass located at 13700 ft gave us a near death experience North east India is a place where anything can go wrong at any time And you can’t blame anyone but you for the luck you carried yourself here with Post a mechanical flaw in one of the wheel bearings lead our journey to extend by 6 hours Where we were to reach at 6 or 7 pm We were compelled to reach at 2am With no network coverage No other vehicles on the road No street lights ( do not expect these luxuries in such remote areas ) And a constantly engulfing fog possibly destroying the vision even at a mere distance We 4 of us along with two military personnel one of whom was an experienced military vehicle driver and our assigned freaking idiotic driver who got drunk post our dinner break If it wasn’t for that military guy taking charge of that vehicle we definitely wouldn’t have made it safely to tawnag , while on the road It was chilling outside Pitch dark And some happy souls in a chatting mode That night was the toughest of all I couldn’t have shared this experience with my parents till date I would say literally a miracle got us through that haunting night

Beyond that night was waiting a beautiful place Hidden from the mainstream world Beyond India’s one of the toughest roadways These roads and the terrain definitely beat khardungla And i am saying this because i have been to both Fog plays a crucial role here Can literally make you drive on your instincts How scary is that to do on a road inspired by a serpentine

Tawang was gorgeous Heavenly and devine Glad to have celebrated diwali in there Would never forget every bit of it

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