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Photography day 1 – breaking the MYTH

In general i would want to emphasise on the fact that to outperform something and stand out in an unusual way you got to be consistent and disciplined.

Same applies to your work relating to photography, whenever you are up for any event go with proper protocols and show your interest towards the sincerity of the occasion. By this, i mean show some respect to your event be the one who everyone wants to see, thats how good you’ll eventually grow.

And along woth it, its your duty to grow big and i actually mean this… Its all you to develope your skills and your contacts with any source full person you meet upon your journey. Your presence has to be felt and remembered and this is actually the need for your progress

Now coming on to the camera we stumble upon the most frequently asked question which cam do you use well basically thrre are different brands offering different variety of cameras which includes around 8 levels

  1. Entry

  2. Amature

  3. Semi professional

  1. Professional

Each one has its anothe sub category…

Now i would tell you one thing if you want to learn about something say photography in this case learn from someone who isn’t teaching you solely from his experience but who genuinely is a good teacher and has nothing to do with your success a neutral person who will see you as just an ordinary kid and would believe in changing your life through the needed photography

Now if you asm me whoch brand do you prefer CANON or NIKON i would love not to answer your question…. Use either and chose your own gear…. And live it with forever because that would be your love forever

I am not an expert but i am trying to share some knowledge to help you decide what can go wrong possibly if you are not guided well

Now lets just break the MYTH


The myth goes around like this…. Image having a good megapixel counts would fetch you a good looking picture

To break it once and for all i would like to tell something about it giving it a proper base to decide

Until and unless you are up for a large print you are however never affected by the MEGAPIXEL counts yes you certainly require some amount but you surely shouldn’t be deciding your device based on the MEGAPIXEL count of the camera you are looking upto

MP does not give you better pictures, when you use a small scale picture for a limited platform for eg instagram or facebook what you upload is a very minimalised compressed outcome which doesn’t even hold your real MP count… Whenever we print an image in the scaling 4:6 what we get as an outcome is 1/2 MP and thus MP is just boon if tou are at all going to enlarge an image and you don’t have to concentrate on MP counts

And hence know your preference and upload or click accordingly in the desired size but in case of nature photography i would recommend to keep the MP count high as possible as it is on your device to avoid any problem that might rise uo due to any further post processing

Now coming to the art of clicking what we should and always remember is that when you click a picture what you present is a plane 2D image with no depth and 3rd dimension so it is our photographers dream and ultimate task to just make it the othe way.

In the sense we have to concentrate on the shadows highlights and composition to five it a lively feel and depth to distinct the objects and desired subject in a frame

About the wordings we will look into further article

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