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Happy friendship day

Down the lane i went for a walk Through a busy and crowded way i came across a club Busy as bee that’s all i could see Full of life and all the possible joy, So happening yet i felt left out I took a pause and looked around myself Here i was lost in the buzz Having a strong thought of being juvenile I asked myself what have i done with my life? Is this where i ever had longed for? At that very moment a face came before my eyes It was you, trying to tell me what a great friend i have had…. The figure of positivity A treasure of composure Words fell short in describing you A hand in need and all the odds you did I realised how lucky was i in having you in my life A pride of sensation rose over my arms I looked  up towords the sky Cool and calm and yet with no blues A wide smile greeted me along with your memories It was you my friend who gave a complete new importance to my life It’s just a mere day to put you in a phrase Phrase of limited and sophisticated words Is that just what you are to me? Certainly not…. What you are to me will never ever be matched A very happy friendship day my friend A very happy friendship day Thank you forever…

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