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dear jindagi morning…


what a sleep it was …deep and sweet (no pun intended ), btw i don’t like puns leaving it aside i just got up with my cat rubbing his mustache and he is so adorable makes your morning really pleasant …one more thing i just realized in this morning that your alarm song plays a really important part for the start of your morning …trust me on that a couple of days i was under despacito track by beiber but that wasn’t helping so i switched on to love you jindagi from dear jindagi by Mr.king khan and that song sets up the tone for your perfect morning ,it helped me set up my mood and i was fresh and feeling lively ,its just that i had nothing to do in the morning i just had to lay down and surf on the youtube ….btw youtubing is my pass time hobby i just love youtubing i have this dream to start up a channel with some stunning travel videos …but that’s just a long procedure to start with

Now coming back to my morning song well ill suggest you to switch to some soulful songs with some meaningful  motivating lyrics its just magical….and count me on that it’ll surely improve your start

the nest start was to go to the college and do some work on my project ,but then one of my member decided to do a afternoon meetup , never mind so i am back to my room doing my wordpress blogging that’s it for today will update if anything interesting happens …

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